OCIO Leadership

The Chief Information Officer (CIO), Zachary Goldstein, and the entire NOAA OCIO leadership team are committed under a Shared Services Model to

  1. reduce costs,
  2. improve services, and
  3. protect the mission

Under the Enterprise Shared Service Model, NOAA's Science, Service and Stewardship mission is propelled through user-centric solutions. Leadership, through the Office of the CIO, directs the improvement of NOAA-wide IT system operations and service delivery, while promoting the effective use of IT to support the mission and ensure effective delivery of products and services to our customers within NOAA, to our partners and to the public. 

Office of the Chief Information Officer Organization  
NOAA Chief Information Officer &
Director of High Performance Computing & Communications
Zachary Goldstein
Chief of Staff Michelle Reed
Chief Data Officer Tony LaVoi (acting)
 - Chief Enterprise Architect vacant
Deputy Director, High Performance Computing & Communications Frank Indiviglio
NOAA Geospatial Information Officer Kim Valentine (acting)
Homeland Security Program Office CAPT Anne Lynch
Radio Frequency Management David Franc
Deputy Chief Information Officer Douglas Perry
Cyber Security Division CDR James Jones
Service Delivery Division Cameron Shelton
Governance & Portfolio Division Robert Swisher
NOAA Link Program Office Tracey McCray (acting)
Resource Management Division Tejuana Terry

NOAA Assistant Chief Information Officer (ACIO) responsibilities

  • Supporting the DOC and NOAA OCIO IT Portfolio Management Strategy to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of IT spending and programs.
  • Leading enterprise-wide IT efforts and initiatives, provide leadership and coordination across the agency and consistent with NOAA and DOC enterprise architecture.
  • Providing leadership and ensure accountability of Line Office IT staff to support the mission and NOAA IT Portfolio Management Policy.
  • Providing oversight to Line Office IT Workforce Management Plans to include the assignment and hiring of IT specialists.
Assistant Chief Information Officers   
ACIO, NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service Nancy Majower (acting)
ACIO, NOAA's National Ocean Service Lemuel Thomas
ACIO, NOAA's National Satellite Data & Information Service Irene Parker
ACIO, NOAA's National Weather Service Beckie Koonge (acting)
ACIO, NOAA's Office of Marine & Aviation Operations Shantrell Collier (acting)
ACIO, NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Jeremy Warren